Copyright © London & Lancashire Rubber Co Ltd 2013. All rights reserved. Quick Links Property owners must satisfy themselves that no harm will be caused by these products & should display a warning notice advertising that an anti-intruder device has been fitted. One warning notice is included in the 4 metre Prikka-Strip retail pack & one in the Prikka-Brick-Strip retail pack. Additional warning notices are available at a nominal cost from retailers if required. IF IN DOUBT, CONTACT YOUR LOCAL CRIME PREVENTION OFFICER FOR ADVICE A warning notice must be displayed in all situations Click image for larger view Prikka-Strip & Prikka-Brick-Strip Fitting Instructions ALWAYS WEAR SUITABLE HAND PROTECTION Screwing/Nailing Prikka-Strip & Prikka-Brick-Strip can be screwed or nailed, preferably with rustproof fixings, using the holes provided; more holes can be drilled if necessary. Trimming/Bending Trim to size using a suitable saw. Curves & bends can be formed by carefully immersing the strips in very hot water. Prikka-Strip & Prikka-Brick-Strip can be easily cut to a double or single row strip using the hinge grooves as a guide. Gluing Prikka-Strip & Prikka-Brick-Strip are manufactured from polypropylene and therefore silicone, acrylic & water soluble (nail type adhesives) are not recommended. Some external quality butyl & solvent-based adhesives perform reasonably well; always consult the glue manufacturer’s usage instructions before proceeding. TOP TIP! When fitting Prikka-Strip & Prikka-Brick-Strip to surfaces such as brick walls, why not consider fitting a wooden batten first and then screwing the products into it. This will greatly reduce the number of holes that need to be drilled & plugged! Made in England