Copyright © London & Lancashire Rubber Co Ltd 2013. All rights reserved. Quick Links Prikka-Strip.....versatile by design Fences Prikka-Strip’s unique hinged base design gives it versatility in use; try it on fence tops, gates, pipes & walls. Download the consumer leaflet Prikka-Brick-Strip.....the big brother Prikka-Brick-Strip’s unique triple hinged base design allows it to be formed neatly on coping stones, pipes & other irregular surfaces. It can even be fitted to fence tops giving side coverage too! Double width for brick walls Many consumers report that Prikka-Strip is an effective & harmless deterrent against feline felons too! Warning Notice Property owners must satisfy themselves that no harm will be caused by these products & should display a warning notice advertising that an anti-intruder device has been fitted. One warning notice is included in the 4 metre Prikka-Strip retail pack & one in the Prikka-Brick-Strip retail pack. Additional warning notices are available at a nominal cost if required. Made in England